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After 10 years of working in the online Asian niche, we've taken all of that knowledge and used it to fine tune our tours for maximum conversions and our members areas for optimal rebills. Consumers and aficionados of Asian porn know our sites are authentic and within the Asian niche, that makes all the difference. Our sites are unique, exclusive and will make you money. Take a look at our current high converting sites and get your links up today!
Asian Baby Makers
Niche: Asian, Thai, Creampie, Breeding, Sex Tourist, Street Whores
Catering to the Asian, Creampie and Street Whore niches, this site is simply an amazing seller and retains incredibly well. With a fresh tour and constantly updated original Asian creampie content, this site continues to be a leader in the market and will convert your traffic.

Bangkok Street Whores
Niche: Asian, Thai, Street Whore, Sex Tourist
This is one of the original Thai hardcore sites online. Members simply can not get enough of the crude, hardcore videos that are made with real street prostitutes in Thailand. Ask any webmaster within the Asian niche and they will tell you this site is a serious money maker.
Forbidden Tokyo
Niche: Asian, Japanese, Uncensored
Aficionados of Japanese porn will appreciate this site for its uncensored hardcore content and for the beautiful girls featured. We recently updated the tour as well as the members area and it's converting and retaining better than ever! Also keep in mind, ALL of our Japanese content is 100% legal with full 2257 documents.
Jgirl Adventures
Niche: Asian, Japanese, Reality, Uncensored
This site is packed full of fun, hardcore sex and other quirky Japanese sex acts that we've all come to know and love. Featuring reality style updates, this site is truly unique and is on fire! Jgirl Adventures is spontaneous, kooky, and 100% mosaic free.
Japanese Juggs
Niche: Asian, Japanese, Big Tits, Uncensored
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that Japanese girls + big tits + uncensored content = MONEY! Japanese Juggs is a no brainer and you should be putting links up right now instead of reading this. We're serous, GO!

Siam Slam
Niche: Asian, Thai, Street Whore, Sex Tourist
We have a bit of everything in this one, from huge facials to dripping creampies, featuring Thai teens, Thai MILFS, big Thai tits and everything in-between. Members love Siam Slam and stay around for a long time due to the wide variety of content.

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XL Asians
Niche: Asian, Thai, Japanese, BBW, Chubby, Plumper, Big Tits
The first and only website in the English speaking market dedicated strictly to big Asian girls!

With excellent photography, beautifully shot videos and a stellar line up of plus size Asian models, this unique site is sure to please lovers of big tits, chubby teens, BBWs, MILFs, plumpers and Asian girls packing some extra pounds. XL Asians has them all!
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