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Before you contact support, please see if your question is answered below.
When and how often do I get paid?
CCbill will pay you every week via check or bank wire transfer. There is a fee for a bank wire. If you need your billing account changed, updated or simply have questions about your account, it is best you contact CCbill directly. Click Here to visit their website.
How much will I get paid?
We are open to making the best deal possible for your traffic. However, the default payout is 50% of all sales and 50% of all rebills. Contact us today and lets make a deal!
Is your content exclusive?
Yes. All of the Thai content is produced by us and we partner with a leading studio for Japanese content. We try to find first time girls who have never been seen before, as that always results in better sales for our sites. Exclusive content sells!
Do you accept chat, email or other spam traffic?
No. We do NOT accept chat or spam traffic in any form. We will terminate your account without warning if you do this.
Can I get the number or email of one of your girls? I want to shoot her.
No. We do not share models or give out their contact information.
Can you make custom promo for me?
Of course! Let us know what you would like and we'll get right on it.
Do you make fan signs?
Sometimes. If there is a model you would like a fan sign from, let us know. If we are still in contact with her, we'll see what we can do to get one made for you.
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